5 Ways to Adopt Healthy Eating Habits Without Quitting

When you’re planning to eat clean and transform your health, it’s normal to feel excited and motivated. Most people do. However, most people quit too.
There’s a reason for this…

1- Take the slow approach

What most people fail to understand is that eating healthy is not a fad. It’s a habit that becomes a lifestyle… and all habits take time to build. You can’t develop a habit overnight.
In the same vein, you can’t overhaul your diet in a day. It’ll be extremely difficult to suddenly start eating clean if you’ve been on a diet of junk food and processed food for years.
You’ll struggle with the new diet and quit after a few days because the food cravings will be too much to bear. You’ll cave in and gorge on all the foods that you were desperate to avoid. This can be very demotivating.
The best way to adopt a clean eating lifestyle is to make gradual changes to your diet and choose healthier foods each day while slowly reducing your consumption of bad foods. Continue Reading>>