5 Healthy Eating Habits You Must Develop

Eating healthy is a lifestyle… and like any lifestyle, it will require daily habits and consistency. Below, you’ll find 5 healthy eating habits that will be easy to inculcate and implement in your daily life.

It’s easier to form good habits than to break bad ones. By adopting these habits, you’ll slowly wean yourself off the negative eating habits that are holding you hostage against your best intentions.

1. Drink a glass of water

While drinking water may not seem like an ‘eating habit’ per se, it’s one of the best habits you could develop. Very often, thirst is mistaken for hunger. By drinking a glass of water about twenty minutes before a meal, you may find that your hunger disappears and you no longer need food. This will allow you to eat less and cut down on excess calories. Water also aids in digestion and will help your body digest the foods you consume optimally. Continue Reading>>